Before Web Presence Optimization:

A large developer with no online Real Estate

Despite being a large a successful real estate developer, Dezer Development hardly registered in Google searches. Coupled by brandjacking from local real estate companies, the brand virtually didn't exist outside of a few search results. The opportunity was to establish a holistic web presence for Dezer Development and create synergy across multiple digital platforms.

After Web Presence Optimization:

Building Dezer's Real Estate across the web.

Steps were taken to develop targeted content on their website and their social media outlets to disseminate relevant content showing Dezer Development as a leader in South Florida real estate and help establish their Search engine optimization foothold. SEO and SEM strategies were also added to further refine Dezer appearance and position in their relevant search results drowning out their brandjacking competition.

Digital content is king.

By creating targeted posts regarding Dezer's projects and happenings, their audience grew and search results shifted as a result. Visually appealing posts like the ones below illustrated the luxury real estate developer's products.

Project updates kept potential owners up to date and informed.


Project features were highlighted periodically to show the developer’s cutting-edge amenities and technology.


Location-specific property features target out of town clientele and informed of the regional benefits of owning a Dezer property.

Updating Dezer's web presence.

By developing Dezer's voice across its social pillars, unifying the developers content as well as the look and feel across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

Facebook Page

LinkedIn Page

Instagram Page